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Kudos for our 2015 Grenache Rosé!

April 26, 2016 By Jade Helm DWS CS CSW 

Not sure why people are afraid of rosé wine.  I guess pink is scary?  This style gets a bad rep from the overly sweetened, mass produced, Koolaid colored wines that flood the market, and probably flooded most of our “sophisticated” parties in our younger years.  It doesn’t have to be like that. Rosé wine can be elegant, alluring, feisty and dry.   All we are saying is give pink a chance.

To get you started we organized the first, and we hope annual, Rosé Wine Bowl of Rose Street.  This gathering of wine tasting professionals and enthusiastic consumers met to bring you blind tasting notes for a few Oregon Rosé Wines.  Tasted in two blind settings: 1. Critics circle with written notes  2. Party atmosphere with casual discussion. Oregon winemakers, take note.  At least in our small experiment consumers weren’t turned on by a passing whisp of aroma.  Don’t go too far in the opposite direction t…