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Abacela embraces #UmpquaStrong effort

No one in the Umpqua Valley community will forget Oct. 1, when an Umpqua Community College student murdered his instructor and eight classmates and wounded nine others.

“Our community will show signs of the impact of what happened on Oct. 1 for a long time,” Jones said after a long pause. “It’s just a tragedy that something like that should happen anywhere, but in a peaceful rural farming community and timber community like Roseburg? Our official population is listed around 22,000, but there are probably 50,000 living in the area around, and we are all impacted. It’s a painful wound.”

The Joneses and their winemaking intern from Spain, Asier Calvo Arroyo, were on the UCC campus that morning.

“We left about 30 minutes before the shooting began,” Jones said. “We found out about it within just a few minutes, and we were getting phone calls within a few minutes of that from reporters in New York wanting to know what I thought about it. Within 24 hours, Asier, whose home is nine hours east…