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2013 Muscat rated "Outstanding!" by Great Northwest Wine

Abacela 2013 MuscatBy Great Northwest WineAppellation: Umpqua Valley
A few years ago, founding winemaker Earl Jones decided to create an off-dry white option for visitors to his Southern Oregon tasting room. He went with one of the world’s oldest varieties, and it didn’t take Andrew Wenzl much time to dial this in — earning our top rating for the second straight vintage. In 2013, they had their Early Muscat and Muscat Blanc vines plucked on Sept. 14, and it offers the quintessential Muscat nose of lychee, rosewater, Texas pink grapefruit, cotton candy and bubblegum with tremendous spicy hints of cardamom, clove and cinnamon. On the palate, it’s akin to a spoonful of spiced grapefruit and a nibble of lychee nut, followed by a roundness on the midpalate of poached pear. There’s pleasing acidity to join Muscat’s typical citrus pith bitterness, and while the residual sugar is listed at 3.5%, that sweetness appears merely as a gift at the end. (149 cases, 12.7% alc.)
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Albarino makes Top 50 list from Portland Monthly

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