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Abacela's 2012 Grenaché Rose picked at SF Chronicle's Top Pinks of 2013

Think pink - a bumper crop of rosé this year
By Jon Bonné, May 26, 2013

No one in the Food & Wine office could avoid The Pile. Everyone who walked by The Pile commented on it.

"Is there really that much rosé?"  Yes. Yes, there is.

"Are you going to taste all of that?"  Quite a lot of it, in fact.

"Why so much?"  Why indeed, dear reader? In recent weeks, our tasting coordinator and her desk have been nearly buried under a mountain of pink wine. She is just now climbing out from The Pile.

While I've grown accustomed to our annual call for rosé resulting in a deluge of bottles, we faced a different magnitude this year - enough that, even after sorting into our final lineup, I still evaluated more than 120 wines, aided by two intrepid tasters: Paul Einbund, wine director of Frances restaurant in San Francisco, and Kerrin Laz, wine buyer for Dean & Deluca in St. Helena.

Our conclusion was that 2013 may finally have brought a perfect storm of rosé. A num…