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Abacela 2011 Grenache Rosé in Food & Wine magazine!

Our 2011 Grenache Roséis the Wine Pick "Juicy, fruit-forward rosé" for the "Tangy Sort-of Jerk Chicken" recipe in the Food & Wine August 2012 issue. Sounds yummy to us!

Abacela in Southern Oregon Magazine

Abacela is mentioned in the Summer 2012 issue of Southern Oregon Magazine. Pick one up today to read why the "Land of Umpqua" should be your next vacation or stay-cation for that matter...

Notice the picture of our Vine & Wine Center's plaza. It's a great place to enjoy a picnic! We are now open until 6:00 pm through the summer.

Check out a full size image of the magazine.

Abacela... IS an experience!

Living on the edge David Herber
THE NEWS-REVIEW The Umpqua Valley is a three-dimensional mosaic. Not actually a ‘valley' it is a network of hundreds of microclimates, some many square miles in size, others no bigger than an acre. Comprising river valleys and mountain ranges it makes up what the locals more popularly call ‘The Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua'.

Described by nationally syndicated wine columnist Dan Berger as America's ‘last great undiscovered wine region', within this patchwork, at the point where the Cascade, Klamath and Coastal Ranges collide, lies Earl and Hilda Jones' dream – Abacela, a 76-acre vineyard that in 2012 celebrates its 20th year.

In those 20 years Abacela has become one of the finest wineries in the country, received international acclaim for its world class Tempranillo and is a testament to the scientific discipline that has been used to understand every undulation, every aspect, and every variation of temperature that makes up…