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Abacela on Wines Northwest's Wines of the Week

Chuck Hill's recent reviews in his "Up and Coming Red Wines – Tempranillo and Grenache" on

2009 Tempranillo
This is why Earl and Hilda Jones came to Oregon – the pursuit of a climate where they could grow their favorite Spanish varietal, Tempranillo.  Since the first Tempranillo plantings in 1995, Abacela winery has won many awards for their Spanish-style varietal wines that showcase the grape’s character and not heavy oak.  Aromas of red cherry and raspberry mingle with light spice and floral character, leading to a cherry/berry palate with hints of cedar and vanilla. 

2011 Grenache Rosé As summer heat finally builds up in the Northwest, wine lovers go looking for a cool alternative to room temperature red wine – an alternative that still offers complexity and a little grip on the palate.  Abacela offers their Grenache Rosé to fill this niche.  Bright pink in the glass with shimmering violet hues at the edge, the wine o…

Abacela Wine Club Fiesta 2012

Images from our Wine Club Fiesta 2012

International Albarino Day - August 4th

TAPAS announces the first International Albariño Day, a celebration of the Albariño grape. We are encouraging everyone to open a bottle of Albariño, enjoy the fun, and share their experiences online with the hashtag #AlbarinoFiesta. International Albariño Day was inspired by the Albariño Wine Festival held in the small coastal town of Cambados, Spain during the first week of August. Albariño is traditionally grown in Rias Baixas, a wine region in Galicia in northwestern Spain, and produces crisp, acidic white wines ideal for summer evenings and seafood pairings. It is also grown in Portugal, where it is known as Alvarinho.  Now it is being grown in North America, so we’re celebrating with International Albariño Day.Abacela will be celebrating with:
• Complimentary tasting of our 2011 Albariño
• Special 20% case discounts Saturday only!
   (30% for Wine Club members)
• Shrimp Melt and glass of Albariño $12. 
• Sharing on Facebook or Twitter encouraged! 
Whether or not you att…