Monday, August 29, 2011

Up and Coming Red Wines - Malbec

A new review of our wine by's Chuck Hill in his online column Wines of the Week.

Abacela 2008 Malbec Estate, Umpqua Valley, $25.00 
Earl Jones was one of the first to recognize the potential for growing warm weather varietals from Spain in Oregon's warm Umpqua Valley.  Along with his favorite Tempranillo, he also grows Garnacha [called Grenache in France], Malbec, Syrah, Albarino, Viognier and others.  

This wine shows Malbec's ripe fruit character in a very appealing way, with ripe blueberries and dried cherries defining aroma and flavor.  Floral notes, citrus, herbs and a hint of mint follow, creating a complex, food-friendly experience.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

International Tempranillo Day at Abacela!

For the world’s first International Tempranillo Day Abacela will celebrate by hosting a modified Vertical Style Tasting of Library Tempranillos that represent milestones in both Abacela’s and America’s history with this noble grape variety...

The oldest wine in this Golden Collection is;
• Abacela’s 1997 Estate Tempranillo; which is thought to be the first commercial bottling of 100% varietal Tempranillo produced in America in the modern era.

• Abacela’s 1998 Estate Tempranillo; This wine became famous as the first American Tempranillo to win an International Tempranillo Competition by garnering a Double Gold Medal and besting all entries including 19 wines from Spain’s famous Rioja and Ribera del Duero Regions

• Abacela’s 2000 Estate Reserve Tempranillo; was the first such wine produced at Abacela and has been considered by some to be one of the best Pacific Northwest wines of all time.

• Abacela’s 2005 Estate Reserve Tempranillo; won America’s first Medal De Oro for varietal Tempranillo in Spain’s Tempranillo Al Mundo Competition.  

Guests in our Bacchus Room
The youngest wine in this series is Abacela’s 2009 Estate Reserve Tempranillo which, albeit very recently bottled and not released for at least another year, appears to reflect its pedigree and looks to the future proudly.

The tasting will begin at 1:00 pm in the Bacchus Room of the Vine & Wine Center on September 1st, International Tempranillo Day and is offered complimentary to the first 20 interested persons that call (541) 679-6642 option 2 or email to reserve a seat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inaugural VIP Tastings held at Abacela

Bacchus Room: Terroir of Fine Wine
On Saturdays July 23rd and August 6th Abacela presented a series of VIP Tastings of its fine wines personally hosted by Earl Jones the founder and first winemaker of Abacela.

The first two VIP Tastings were the inaugural events set at our new Vine & Wine Center's private venues. The tastings were part of Abacela's "new concepts in wine tourism" and they were truly immersive in nature. Each experience took the guest to the next level of wine appreciation. The selected wines were carefully paired with tapas that further elevated the experience.

"A Study in the Terroir of Fine Wine" was held in our Bacchus Room on July 23rd. The tasting started with three 2005 Syrah bottlings each grown in Abacela's estate vineyards, but in differing microclimates. The "terroir" is reflected in the tasting and character of these wines:
2005 Syrah; Terroir: Cooler blocks
2005 Syrah Estate; Terroir: Warm benchlands
2005 Reserve Syrah; Terroir: Hot hillsides (Southern Oregon's only 95 point wine)

The second half of this tasting consisted of three different varieties not commonly grown in the same regions but all grown at Abacela in very different sites that are carefully matched to the grape's distinct needs.

2010 Albariño; Terroir: Coolest north slope blocks; Pairing: Radish with Butter &Salt
2007 Tempranillo Estate; Terroir: Benchlands; Pairing: Rioja-Style Potatoes with Chorizo
2007 Port; Terroir: Our hottest hillside locations; Pairing: Chocolate assortment

Earl Jones and guests in the Library Wine Cellar
"A Study in the Ageing of Fine Wine" was held in our Library Wine Cellar on August 6th. This vertical of Abacela Tempranillo included six vintages; 1999, 2000 (Reserve), 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 - plus the 2005 Reserve as a bonus. These rare wines were opened, decanted and prepared in advance of the tasting. Pairings included an assortment of fine cheeses, sourdough bread from our “horno”, Linda's famous empanadas, as well as finishing chocolates.

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Abacela will hold a VIP Tasting each month, alternating venues. For more information and schedule, please visit our website to view our Events page or join our eNews List or join us on Facebook.