Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vine & Wine Center nears completion!

Abacela's new Vine and Wine center nears completion

Reported by: David Anderson

ROSEBURG (KMTRThey're calling it Abacela's Vine and Wine Center, a four thousand square foot tasting room and wine vault right in the middle of the vineyard. Right now it's under construction, but they say the new place will offer more space for tasting and an interactive experience.


In it, they'll hold presentations on how wine is made from start to finish. Abacela says their unique location with the addition of the new Vine and Wine Center create a more comprehensive package for those looking to learn more about the wine they make.

“It's difficult to find a place were they grow grapes that grow in a fairly cool-ish climate with places that really need to be quite warm. Now we can show all of that right here so you can taste it in your glass and see it with your eyes.

The building will be green as well. It uses a geothermal heating system that heats the room from the ground up. In the summer high windows let heat escape without having to turn on a fan or air conditioning.

The new building will even feature a tunnel where vintage wine can be stored and tasted. Several private tasting rooms will also be added. The center will host a grand opening Saturday may 14th.For more information on the event you can visit

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vibrant Rioja Announces 3rd Annual Rioja Grand Tasting Events

"The Heart of Tempranillo" Pours Into New York and San Francisco Next Month

Published Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2011

/PRNewswire/ -- The king of Rioja grapes, “Tempranillo," will take center stage during Vibrant Rioja's 3rd Annual Grand Tasting events on May 2 in San Francisco and May 5 in New York. An exploration of the versatile range of Rioja Tempranillo, these tasting events will give press and trade guests the opportunity to sample more than 350 Riojas from 70 importers, the most comprehensive showcase of wines from the region in the U.S.

“Our 2011 Grand Tasting’s focus is on Tempranillo, a varietal that is increasingly popular in the U.S. because of its consummate versatility, high quality and pairing ability with a wide range of foods,” says Pablo Olay, the Vibrant Rioja Campaign Director. “On our first visit to San Francisco and in New York, we are pleased to host seminars that explore the spectrum of style Tempranillo reaches in Rioja.”

The seminars, led by esteemed wine educator Marnie Old, will feature Cristina Forner, distinguished owner of Marques de Caceres; Diego Pinilla, budding winemaker at Bodegas Bilbainas; and Rafael Vivanco, visionary winemaker of Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco. Providing a local perspective, other panelists include Earl Jones, founder of TAPAS (and Abacela), the Tempranillo Advocates group in San Francisco, and Paul Grieco, co-owner and Wine Director of Hearth Restaurant and the Terroir Wine Bars in New York.

About Rioja
Located in north central Spain, Rioja is considered one of the greatest red wine regions of the world. Rioja reds are blended predominantly with the indigenous tempranillo grape from one of the region’s three subzones— Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja, and Rioja Alavesa. The DOCa of Rioja administers highly sophisticated and stringent quality control in the winemaking process, from viniculture to bottling. More than 200 brands from Rioja are available for purchase in the U.S. For more information, please visit
Trade and media: Sign up for the 2011 Vibrant Rioja Grand Tasting events here.