Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abacela featured in Mendez Musings Blog

Elizabeth Mendez
Abacela's 2009 Albariño and 2005 Tempranilllo Reserve have been showcased in a new blog post by Elizabeth Mendez. Hailing from the Chicago area, she recently sat down to taste and review our wines. Here is an excerpt from her blog titled "Our Own Backyard":

"One winery showcasing the serious capability of Albariño and Tempranillo is Abacela and while this family run winery is delving into the heart of Spanish wine, they are doing it without a heavy hand. Tempranillo is the gilded gem grape of reds in Spain; many of which are dominated with the characteristic trait of big American oak, but that is not the case with Abacela. The dominant use of French oak with Tempranillo allows for Abacela to show the shining potential Tempranillo actually has in this little patch of place in southern Oregon. If Tempranillo is king, Albariño is the reigning queen of white wines from Spain. Abacela shows this queen can be quite the princess in the New World, with all the crisp acidity but bigger on fruit than those wines from the motherland." 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abacela's Port: News Review's Pick for Valentine's Day Celebration

These a just a few excerpts from Diane Clerhiue-Smiths' article profiling port-style wines made here in the Umpqua Valley including our 2007 Estate Grown Port.
February is a month in which thoughts often turn to chocolate, 
and Roseburg's Diane Clerihue-Smith enjoys pairing the dark
treat with port. Courtesy photo by H. Bruce Smith

Perfect port & pairings of love

For those who truly love great tastes, matching up chocolate delights and port wine can make you think you've gone to heaven

by Diane Clerihue-Smith
For The News Review, Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day better than chocolate. And nothing pairs better with chocolate than port.

The two are a match made in heaven and very appropriate in any celebration of love. For chocolate lovers, pairing port with their favorite chocolate dessert takes the end of a meal to a whole new level.


Abacela's port is made in a very traditional style. The winery uses Portuguese varietals grown it its own vineyard to make he port, including Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, Bastardeo, Tinat Amarela and tinta Cao. The port is a full-bodied wine with heady aromas of blackberry, figs, cocoa and toast. The beautifully integrated black fruit and chocolate flavors come together in your mouth. The finish is long and satisfying.

Abacela Winery has been producing a port since 1999 and its adherence to the Portuguese tradition of port making has afforded it high praise from some of the top port producers in Portugal.


For all of us lucky enought ot live in the is amazing place and who appreciate wine, being able to enjoy local port-style wines made right here in the Umpqua Valley just gives us one more reason to celebrate. And what better time to do that than this Valnetine's Day?

These a just a few excerpts from Diane Clerhiue-Smiths' article profinling port-style wines form the Umpqua Valley.  Full article