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Abacela tops a Southern Oregon wines Reader Survey!

Reader Survey... And the winners are... By Christine Collier I'd like to thank everyone who voted in the first annual Reader Survey! The intentions for hosting the survey is to hear what Southern Oregon wines the readers thought were the most exciting from the past year  and which winery had most impressed them. By the turnout of votes, and record number of traffic to the blog post, it is easy to say this was a great year for Southern Oregon wine. I'm pleased to present this list.

2011 Red Wine of the Year 1. 2008 Del Rio Vineyards Claret 2. 2007 Abacela Reserve Tempranillo 3. 2005 Abacela Paramour 4. 2008 Troon Vineyard Zinfandel Reserve 5. 2008 Folin Cellars Estate Tempranillo
2011 White Wine of the Year 1. 2010 Abacela Albarino  2. 2010 Del Rio Vineyards Pinot Gris 3. 2010 Troon Vineyard Dry Riesling 4. 2010 Reustle-Prayer Rock Gruner Veltliner 5. 2010 Cowhorn Winery & Vineyard Spiral 36 Winery of the Year 1. Abacela 2. Del Rio Vineyards 3. Troon Vineyard 4. Cowhorn W…

Great new blog from the WineCatz!

Move over Pinot
By Craig

Say “Oregon Wine” and Pinot Noir rolls off the tongue. But we’re here to say that Tempranillo, (yes I said Tempranillo) in the right hands is a wine capable of reaching the same lofty heights as the best Pinot. And those right hands can be found at Abacela winery.

Having had the wonderful opportunity to attend a vertical Tempranillo tasting at Abacela this fall, we were able to experience the evolution of this wine through the years. From the 1998 Estate Tempranillo that won double gold medals at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2000, to the 2007 Reserve of today, these wines showed an evolving greatness that makes us wonder if someday southern Oregon will be known for Tempranillo the way northern Oregon is for Pinot.

In the tasting, the 1998 has not lost the quality that allowed it to best all 19 Spanish Tempranillos it faced in the contest. Anise, raspberry and smoke on the nose. The wine still has bright cherry and raspberry fruit on the pala…