2011 Verjus released!

We're proud to announce the release of our 2011 Verjus!

Verjus is made from the pressed juice of grapes that are not fully ripe. These grapes are harvested while green thinning the vineyards and instead of leaving them to waste, are made into a juice that is moderate in sugar and high in acid (low pH) giving it a zippy flavor. Verjus was made famous by French chefs and now in America it’s also a favorite of gourmet cooks.

Verjus is a non-alcoholic juice, made from Abacela’s estate vitis vinifera grapes. Uses include salad dressing, marinades, deglazing, and drinks. It is a good replacement when a recipe calls for vinegar or lemon juice because Verjus doesn’t compete with the wine you are serving. Verjus is particularly useful with chicken and pork dishes that can become dry during the cooking process; verjus simply puts “a snappy taste” back in these meats.

Verjus can also be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic drink over ice with equal parts seltzer water. Bartenders also use it as a intriguing mixer for martinis and specialty cocktails.

Look for Abacela’s 2011 Verjus through your local Oregon retailer or order online at www.abacela.com. Oregon distributors: Galaxy Wine Company (888) 550-9463, Crush Wine Distributors (541) 961-0300.


  1. Looking for ideas how to use verjuice? Here is a collection of recipes: http://www.weingut-fuchs.de/verjuice_recipes/recipes.php


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