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"Gold Discovered at Abacela Winery"

By The Catz I feel like a modern day James Marshall pulling that first nugget out of the river at Sutter’s Mill, in California. Only this is Oregon and what I found was a winery. But one that is worthy of its own “gold rush”. I/we could not have asked for a better time on our visit to their winery and tasting room. Abacela’s beautiful new facility just opened in May. Designed by the owners’ daughter it is a multi-use building with a huge open beamed vaulted ceiling, and a spacious granite topped bar allowing space for plenty of tasters, (space not needed, as it was delightfully uncrowded) a meeting area, library and more. Outside there is a patio with a wood fired oven where they bake their own home made yummy sourdough bread, several picnic areas and gazebos with tables and chairs, lawns and walking paths, and interesting informational signs. The whole effect, though still a little raw because of its newness, was spacious and beautiful, and promises to grow gracefully int…