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A great blog everyone should check out, not just Tempranillo lovers!

We love this new blog post from someone who received a bottle of our 2007 Tempranillo Cuvee from a family member.
A Gift of Domestic Tempranillo - Abacela  Tuesday, March 15, 2011 The story: I find that relationships in life are all over the map. There are those friendships that seem to require just a little more effort than others, and those that are just easy and fulfilling no matter what life brings. There are family relationships that overflow with support, encouraging a relaxed and balanced interaction, and those that you are happy to engage a couple of times a year at holidays only. But I hope for your sake that you have at least a couple of relationships like I have with my aunts. These women have been around since, well as far as I'm concerned since forever. They are the type of people that make you know they love you no matter what, and can pick up where you left off even if the communication has been neglected a bit since last Christmas. My aunts are always aut…