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Abacela 2009 Albarino "Top Pick" in Sunset Magazine

A wine fiesta The West's hot new grapes are Spanish and just right for sipping now by Sara Schneider, August 2010
Abacela 2009 Albariño Ripe, golden apple and peach rounded out with a touch of almond and orchard blossoms.
Why it belongs in your fridge: This wine strikes a balance between crisp, refreshing citrus and aromatic stone fruit and blossoms - great for winding down a warm August afternoon.
Foods that make it taste even better: Seafood. If it ever sported a fin or a shell, it's the right pairing - shrimp, crab, scallops, halibut, sablefish... Try all of the above with lemony aioli or mint pesto. Don't let the summer get away without an Albariño-and-paella party (the wine loves mussels and saffron)
A Tease of Spain Tonight by Janet Eastman (18. Jul, 2010) One way to taste a refreshing Albarino wine is to join the crush and cigarette smoke of Spanish humanity at an authentic tapas bar, say on Diputacion Street in Bilbao. Wrestle your way to the wet mahogany counter, plant a foot on the bar railing above discarded napkins and toothpicks, grab the attention of the overworked bartender, use your high school Spanish to ask for a glass of mejor (better) wine and point at the pintxos that pique your interest: mini jamon sandwiches, Gildas (olives with anchovies) or for the more adventurous, morcilla (blood sausage) with cachuete (peanuts). Another way is to join the fun at Tease Restaurant in Ashland tonight for a Spanish wine dinner with one of Southern Oregon’s most distinguished producers. You’ll linger over calamari, chicken and veal, expertly paired with wines from Abacela, the much-celebrated Umpqua winery that long ago planted the distinctive grapevines of Northern Spain…